The Interview w/ Dr. Xavier LèBeau

“It was weird,” she said.

“One day I’m thinking I’m Miss. Independent, the way Beyoncé psyched

myself and my friends up to be then the next I’m a woman in love. Big time.”

As Kelly adjusts her position in my recliner and I kick my feet up on my

desk inside my private office, during this private practice of mine, I notice

her left eye twitches again. She does that when she’s in deep thought, stressed out, or both.

I let it play out to see if she keeps her pattern. Then she looks at me and grins slightly. Next

she proceeds:

” Dr. Xavier, it was like he had a strong mental vise grip on me. . . and I fucking loved every minute of it!”

I try not to, but I can’t help but laugh! She’s comfortable around me by now so I can get away with it. “It’s ok, Kelly, you are a woman. You are allowed that right if you want it.”

“True, but, that is the big secret! So secret that it’s protected w/ in us girls by ANY means. You aren’t considered a “real woman” among us girls if you tell these things to men.”

“Why would you care what another woman thinks of you anyway? I do not think that’s in your department. It’d be completely different if you were a lesbian. You think this way because public schooling has trained us to be sexists. As children we are easily manipulated, but we will accept any form of a bad habit if it’s presented in a positive manner. Remember those school games you used to play on teams? Boys against girls?”


“They weren’t really games. They were conditioning techniques. Our parents are always at work and really don’t have any one

to tell us any different so it becomes a part of who we are and as our bodies evolve in to puberty, so does our habits, thus sexism.

It’s been going on so long and we are so out of touch w/ history we dnt realize what it does to us as a people. Just look at Atlanta.

Most guys don’t know that to control a man you control the women covertly. Our women weren’t acting like this during the Civil War & Civil Rights Era. Neither were the men. That goes for black, white, hell every other race in America, maybe.”

“Hmm. That’s quite interesting Doc. I never really thought that far back. How serious could it get though? That was years ago.”

“We may have forgotten, but there are a lot of ppl who have not and are still alive and it effects them. Even us especially. Do you know how many young men are locked up for rape and sexual crimes? Let alone the ones that really were innocent? This is what that code of yours does to society. Hell, our elders have literally been drove crazy to see such things.”

Her eyes grew big with shock.

“You and Zion really do not know how lucky you two are. People do not live the way the two of you do any more. Those are the old days in their heads. Never mind that it has been going on since the beginning of time.” I smiled.

“Hmmm, I never thought of it like that, doc,” she said.

“That’s ok, the human mind isn’t perfect. We forget things!” That’s why I make a list of my blessings all the time so, when I’m pissed at my wife, I just go back and reread why I love her. And my day is just a little bit better.”

“Aw, that’s sweet, Dr. Xavier!” she beamed. “Yep,” I said. “that’s the same thing she says.”

“She knows?”

“Of course.”

“Hmm, I’m going to suggest the same to, Zion.” She said pursing her lips.

“To myself as well. See if it doesn’t help. Although for some reason I forget about any disagreements after sex.”

I thought she was just joking. Ha, so funny she is.

“That good, huh?” I asked nonchalantly.

“I guess it is,” She said w/ a sly grin. “Well, doc. I bid you ado!” She smiled.

“Ok, Ember. Same bat time; same bat channel next week?”

“You bet!”

As she walked out of my office I noticed her swagger. Her feminine yet somehow feline-like sway and effortless balance as she walked in those three inch heels with the low-cut at the sole of her small feet. The way she made her gifted hips sway, the bounce of her all natural and thick hair sway in synch from her skull to the flow that stopped at her waist and that shiny mocha we all know as skin. Her most exotic asset was those bright blue eyes, which she found some kind of eye contacts to mask them as brown, (she doesn’t like the attention). Such a package was almost supernatural! Completely unusual. The evidence was right there and I never realized it. Every bit of 5′4, and slanted eyes, and a smile that could light up downtown Paris. Never mind the Eiffel Tower. And like any other man, in Atlanta, you just got to wonder how the hell did Zion Vault end up w/ all of that perfection?? It would drive ME loony if I let it!

ZION Vault

“Hhmmm. . . .” I pondered to myself. Kelly must have got a good session going with Doc. She keeps insisting that I come, but no one is fucking with my head save ME. She thinks that shit is funny, but I’m dead serious!

“Uh-oh, nothing ever positive in your head when you do that. What are you thinking?”

“She’s taking longer than usual.”



He chuckles. Patrick is the Caucasian Persuasion of my small group of friends. (He doesn’t like being called that, lol “Got dammit, I’m Irish!” he’d say) He’s always playing mind games w/ chicks. It’s weird cause they just willingly agree w/ it. To this day I don’t really trust him and he can NOT talk to my Kelly. He does not cross that line and I make sure of it cause Kelly and I talk. Plus I went to school for counseling so the rapport is great between between her and I.

Pat and I met a year ago, but I’m getting ahead of myself. I had pulled this gorgeous brunette chick in Phipps Plaza mall one day. Beautiful breasts and chestnut skin. I should have known. Smh, but I was to blinded by her beauty. She dresses like a African-American chick, talks like a little girl and as playful as a child, but still like a African-American chick. Dead giveaway. Where most people would think she is just being phony, she was really just doing as she was wired to do. I thought I was a mac though, that I was the one pulling all of the strings, when really it was too easy. As seduction is easy, but her personality wasn’t normal. It was very attractive and distracting however. She was 5’4, dolled up to the T. Guys like me dream of chicks like this. Not a centimeter of fat on her body anywhere. She’s wearing a dark brown pencil skirt with those matching heels specifically made for her flat feet, that have a low cut enough to see some of her instep which she was wearing stockings. Complete w/ a creme button up, long hair, slanted blue eyes and a beautiful, crisp smile. Hard to believe a chick this gorgeous wanted me. Didn’t like the reason why.

We get to her hotel at the W up the street, she said she was born and raised here, but was at the hotel to “get away”. I’m like “whatever as long as I get some pussy.” So we talk about some good TV shows we like to watch, life, watched some TV, drank some Four Loco’s and she made her move.

She stayed in her heels the whole time. Even after she got to the room. I guess she saw me staring at them. Her feet were perfect. A slanted row of neat, silky, toes. Matching the rest of her silky feet. My dick was on hard the whole time, lol. I have a major hard on for a chick w/ some pretty-ass feet! I’m from GA, like half of us do!

“What size shoe do you wear?”

She smiled. “A six, to five and a half. . . funny you asked, cause I was curious to know if you have a foot fetish?” That was bold. Never been asked so straight forward before.


“That’s disgusting.” She had a straight face, and a tad firm tone so I know she was serious. I instantly felt embarrassed and suddenly her phone went off. It was a text. As she grabbed for it she asks “what makes you so turned on by feet?”

“I’m not turned on by feet I’m turned on by women’s feet and I’m quite picky.”

She giggles, and teases me with “I guess I should be flattered then, but I’m not. Men are so nasty.” she didn’t wait for my reply, instead she put up a finger and looked at her LED screen fingering it to open the text app. Dangled the shoe of her crossed leg and said “Hold that thought” while she made a phone call. I just sat there humiliated. Then suddenly her posture and mood changes like a flash of lightening.

“Uha” she said faintly, next her head tilted slightly and her eyes grew wide and glassy. As this happened her shoe slowly slid off and fell to the floor as her face and mouth seem to relax in slow motion. “Yes master.” She whispers.

By now I don’t know what the hell is going on, but I am getting a massive hard on! Half of me doesn’t understand why, but I’m not complaining.

I must obey.” she whispers as if in a dream with sleepy eyes. Then they go wide again. Her mouth twitches as she holds the phone to ear still in the same position she was in. Whoever this person is he’s obviously telling her what to do. But “master” though??

She comes out of her daze, still wide eyed and scoots closer to me unzipping my pants, then she rips open her stocking to the ankle and slowly slides her instep across my dick. She looks at my dick and with her mouth in a gaped smile of ecstasy. I’ve always wanted to try this” she smiles. And moans a little bit.

“You like that, baby?”

Yeeessss” she whispered.

I noticed she didn’t have any panties on when I thought I was going to reach and take them off. But I felt nothing but naked skin as she gasped from my touch. She rubbed her foot in my face, whimpering as I sniffed her scented lotion. I took her other shoe and she gasped and inhaled sharply from the pleasure of my tender touch and the pain her shoe caused her. As she rubbed me to an erection w/ her foot, I held her other foot while she closed her eyes and went with the flow. I admired her silky foot. So small, so soft and smelled so good to me! I caressed her instep with my thumb as she continued to moan and whimper. Finally I softly kissed her big toe and she cried out as I felt her squirt on my hard dick making it glisten in the silhouette “OH MY GOD, DADDY!!” she screamed as I went inside of her. I kissed the other four with the same passionate touch and felt her juices soak my being. By now she’s starting to shake and one eye slowly rolls back while I’m fucking her slowly.

“You told me you didn’t like it”, I say as she whimper’s from my kisses to her pinky toe and ankle.

She gave a deep exhale as i slowly entered her. It was so strangely sexy. One eye squinted and the other rolled back. Her mouth gaped as she looked into my eyes. (I call it her “doll face”) and I whisper “I’m going to give you a big orgasm.”

“Yes, master!” Immediately I felt my dick become soaked and drenched. Her face was splattered w/ excitement and lust. I have never seen her in such a light. The scratches to my back, the freaky yet unusual cries that gave me such a boner. Then I came like a hoarse!

“Ughhh.” She moaned in a faint and half sleep voice then her body relaxed and her face seem to melt in to that relaxed, zoned out doll face and as I heard her soft long breaths I knew she was out cold. Though for a second I thought she was looking at me.