About the Book

Xavier LeBeau is a psychologist with a secret. His favorite patient is Ember Rogues who he can talk about the way the world works with and she actually isn’t bored to death about it. Her boyfriend is Zion. A guy who has a mild foot fetish and has a weakness for a female w/  beautiful feet. Not every female he meets agrees with it. And on top of that he doesn’t know much about said subject. But he meets one very weird guy named Patrick


“the Caucasian Persuasion”. And learn some pretty good things about how to influence women and being a man. Via a society called The Playas of the Round Table. Be that as it may, it’s all about Ember. But that’s how it always is isn’t it?? The female? One of the many spoils of war? God’s gift to man? So why fight for them if you know what you are doing socially?? Zion is like most guys out here in America. Stuck in the 60s with no clue of what it’s like to be in the world of today. And that’s ok if you have the type of influence needed to maintain it.


What if you found yourself there alone w/ Zion? What would you do if you were Ember? What if you gave him a try and before you realized what was happening you become obsessed w/ his bold,  sex? From his sexual desires right down to his seductively attractive way of female training in the bedroom? With that extremely handsome face of his, Zion is a force to be reckoned w/ and he has learned his lesson about letting women know that (because they run from him). I guess you ask how can a man be that way with out being violent? You’ll see.

Zion is a dom from out of a small city in Ga. Reminds me of myself, while Kelly, his better half, though she doesn’t know it yet, is professional, feisty, and, like most women of today, rebellious. Zion doesn’t scare off easy though. He’s studied women’s psychology for a few years now only for this and is curious, plus, extremely horny to see if the shit works or not.

Ember really wants to be submissive (sub), but feels that men will not stop playing the submissive role for her, (that’s if you ask me.) leaving her no choice but to be “the one wearing the Pants” in the relationship. For some reason she just will not say that to them.   A lack of communication for men, she thinks is a defense mechanism, but this one can read her mind, some how, has thrown her in to an unexpected, yet kinky ecstasy. So initially, Ember is a Sub. Just gonna take the right guy to bring that out of her. Or will she be a dom pretending to be a Sub.12047086_1487848031543555_538300279537515926_n

Walk with him. This novel is definitely freaky beyond what is usually televised and maybe even strangely erotic to you. But as you read you will connect the dots to all of the characters. They all are connected in some way and Ember is caught in the middle. Because some thing happens when an attractive female and several players get caught in the same web of attraction.


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