About the Arthur & the Background of the Book


Initially, most of the book started when I was in my teens. As weird as that may sound, the girls loved reading them because it was mostly erotics I had in my head,  so I’d just write with a hard on. I never really thought that I was on to something big because I never knew that women were so addicted to my erotic novels until I became an adult and Zane started doing her thing. I saw so many women reading them I couldn’t help but wonder what the fuss was all about.

I’ve heard and found some interesting things in return! So then I realized why females were reading my stuff behind my back, lol. I’m a private person so I was much more preoccupied w/ the violation of my privacy and naive to realize that they couldn’t help themselves. 🙂 What started out as some thing quickly meant nothing to me as all my work was thrown away, but I have found new inspirations and have since lost my virginity, of coarse, lol. Women love talking to me about sex because of my detailed and freaky imagination! And I can still turn myself on as well so I’ll take you on this journey w/ me and hope you like it.Pretty me


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