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Chasing Ember (1)


Chasing Ember Rogues

Initially, most of the book started when I was in my teens. As weird as that may sound, the girls loved reading them because it was mostly erotics I had in my head, but wasn’t taught how to masturbate and I was a virgin so I’d just write with a hard on. I never really thought that I was on to something big because I never knew that women were so addictive to erotica novels until I became an adult and Z. started doing her thing. I saw so many women reading them I couldn’t help but wonder what the fuss was all about. I’ve heard some interesting things in return! So then I realized why females were reading my stuff behind my back, lol. I’m a private person so I was much more preoccupied w/ the violation of my privacy and naive to realize that they couldn’t help themselves.

What started out as some thing quickly mean nothing to me as all my work was thrown away, but I have found new inspirations and have since lost my virginity then. Women love talking to my about sex cause of my detailed and freaky imagination! And I can still turn myself on as well so I’ll take you on this journey w/ me and hope you like it.

Xavier is a “dom” from out of a small city in Ga. Reminds me of myself, while Ember, his better half, (though she doesn’t know it yet,) is professional, feisty, and like most women of today, rebellious. Xavier doesn’t scare off easy though. He’s studied women’s psychology for a few years now and is curious and extremely horny to see if the shit works or not.


Ember, really wants to be submissive, but feels that men will not stop playing the submissive role for her, leaving her no choice but to be “the one wearing the Pants” in the relationship. For some reason she just will not say that to them. . . lack of communication for a man that can read her mind somehow, and through her into unexpected yet kinky ecstasy. So, initially Ember is a Sub. Just gonna take the right guy to bring it out out of her. Or will she be a Dom pretending to be a Sub? Females are good actors and it can save them from a arrogant man. . . if they are good enough. But then again some things you just don’t do. . .